Adolescent counseling.

The project has been implemented for the third year without any external support. The adolescence is biologically a period of stress. There is also a heavy demand for academic and other advancement during this period. All these factors easily push an adolescent to a state of turmoil. There is clear indication that use of psychotropic substances by the adolescent has already become a serious concern in the state. The rate of crime committed by the adolescents has also been increased.  In response to the situation the organization continued their counseling session this year also without any external support.  .  One to one counseling was done.    233 adolescents were counseled at GOLD office. 110 were related to conflict with parents, 30 were related to sexuality, 33 were related to drugs, 59 were related to academic performance.  The organization sincerely acknowledges the honorary service provided by the counselors in making this project successful.