Prevention of Trafficking in Person

This project  was  implemented  in   March 2007 and was continued  till February 2009. The project was supported by UNIFEM. The project was   implemented in the rural & remote areas of Nalbari & Kamrup districts of Assam. The outcome of the project is found to be very satisfactory.   The organization has done a research study on this subject taking in consideration of all the elements related to trafficking.

The report of this research work is almost completed and is available for reference. During the proiect time frame line 40 village level awareness meetings were conducted and   32 vigilance committees were constituted. 11 raids were facilitated.  38 survivors were given shelter and legal proceedings were drawn in 13 cases.  27 survivors were restored   1000 police personnel and government officials were also sensitized. Two state level workshops cum training were organized for NGOs/ Police/Government officials.
The honorable governor of Assam was the chief guest during 2007 and  honorable Minister of Social Welfare Department was the chief guest during 2009.. Resource persons from Kolkata and Orissa,Delhi were also invited to these workshops. Banners and hoardings against trafficking had been distributed to all the police stations of Assam. Hoardings were also displayed in some public places like railway stations and market areas.

The cumulative achievements of this project are-
  • Village level awareness camp-40
  • Vigilance Committee 32
  • Number of stakeholders sensitized 1000
  • Number of state level workshop-2
  • Number of rescue operation facilitated- 11
  • Number survivors given shelter- 38
  • Number of survivors given life skill training 38
  • Number of legal proceedings initiated  13