Project on HIV/ AIDS for the Injecting Drug Users and Female Sex Workers

The Injecting drug users and Female sex workers have been recognized as vulnerable group for acquiring and transmitting HIV/ AIDS. The Assam State AIDS Control Society had entrusted upon the organization a project for containment of HIV/AIDS among Injecting drug users and Female sex workers at Greater Guwahati. The target given was one hundred fifty injecting drug users and one hundred fifty female sex workers. A base line study was done at the beginning of the project and approximately four hundred and fifty injecting drug users were identified and it can be well assumed from the study that the total number of drug users may be even high. HARM reduction procedures were the integral component of the project.   Two hundred and nineteen   of injecting drug uses and two hundred female sex workers were reached during this year and were motivated for behavioral change to adopt risk free practices.

Thirteen intervention sites were selected to address the issue.  Forty three cases were treated for abscess and two hundred and five cases were treated for sexually transmitted diseases. The beneficiaries were given counseling service by the trained counselor. Five peer educators were recruited to spread awareness among the target group .IEC materials and condoms were received from the Assam State AIDS Control Society. Suitable literatures were also developed by the organization. Community awareness was generated by organizing meetings, group discussions and health camps, Advocacy meetings were also organized to sensitize different stake holders about the issue. The staffs of the projects were trained by the Assam State AIDS Control Society.  One hundred and fifty four cases were referred to voluntary counseling and testing center after pre test counseling.  Nine persons were found to be positive for HIV and all of them were referred to Ante retro viral therapy center. All the persons living with HIV/AIDS were provided with care and support and they are now living productive lives.