Assam belongs to the Seven Sisters Region of Northeast India. The bountiful land of Assam consists of magnificent hills, valleys and mighty rivers. It is well known for its picturesque beauty, its rich blend of crops and variety of minerals. Once famous for simple and majestic people, the region has been engulfed by militancy ruining its age-old tranquility. Assam ,which was once considered as one of the prosperous states has become the most backward state in the country. The main reasons for this economic backwardness are terrorism, ethnic clashes resulting in hindrances to all human developmental activities.

Violence during times of armed conflict is especially horrifying and has been a persistent and widespread practice over decades. In Assam the common people have been the target of violence by both state and non-state actors and women and children are the worst sufferes..

They are also the religious fanatics from across the national border spreading terrorism in the name of religion. The innocent young boys from this region are motivated in the name of religion and are recruited in the international terrorist outfits.

Whatever may be the situation it is very much evident that Assam has been subjected to terrorism. Assamese people have not seen peace for many decades. Nothing has yet been seriously done in policy level to bring peace and development .

Assam is a plural society with many tribes and nationalities living here. We have to accept this reality and learn to live with it but until that happen, the state may continue to produce huge number of internally displaced persons who will need adequate attention regarding health, education, livelihood and human rights.

The organization started working for promotion of peace and conflict resolution since2003. GOLD was associated with project “Ashwas” of Assam Police meant for the welfare of children of security personnel, militants and common men orphaned by terrorism. The organisation conducts regular meeting in the conflict areas with constitution of the “ Peace Committee”. GOLD also work for capacity enhancement of socially concerned women and develop them as “Peace Ambassador” to profess peace and tranquility in the region.