Youth & Gold

India has one of the largest youth populations in the world today. The youth constitute about 34 percent of the total population of India and is one of its most valuable human resources for the country. The responsibility for change, progress and innovation lies on shoulders of young people to a major extent. Global Organization for Life Development has realized that youth population is a major human resource that can address a major problem of the society. Young people have new ideas in abundance. In many of the projects implemented by GOLD young people are involved right from planning to implementation.  

This has allowed them to gain valuable leadership quality and organizational skills and to exercise responsibility. They are involved in projects on HIV/AIDS, Human Trafficking, and Campaign against tobacco menace and Human security. These young people have sincere interest in seeing their activities succeed and are providing services with unselfish compassion, social awareness and dedication. The youth group of the organization is a strong force in social movements and in return they have acquired temperament and motivation to emerge out as responsible adults. It is our immense pleasure and privilege to train many young interns from different universities and social organization to pursue research and other public utility services.

“Youth Wing GOLD”

The chief objective of launching the youth wing of GOLD is to encompass the young people in understanding their responsibilities and enhancing capacities in building a beautiful world for everyone to live. It is expected they will emerge out as responsible adults in future. The organisation is also putting effort to build “Youth Ambassadors” in promoting peace and human security in northeast India.

Three adolescent groups of school girls had been constituted under a scheme supported by the Ministry of Women and Child Development for generating awareness against human trafficking. These groups have been named as “Balika Sanghas”
The targeted intervention project against transmission of HIV/AIDS is entirely managed by the youth.
Raj Tonai, Raj Nandan, Jahangir, Raktim, Priyakshi, Siam, Jyoti, Chandan, Hemen , Sabita are few youth leaders for various projects and there are also fifty youth volunteers engaged in different projects at different capacities.

The organisation is open to receive young people for its various projects and encourages young interns to join the organisation for acquiring skills and enhance their abilities to become responsible adults in future.